MV Agusta Might Have a Jet-Powered Motorcycle in the Works

Whatever this thing is, it will cost about a quarter of a million dollars.

byEric Brandt|
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The recently rejuvenated motorcycle brand MV Agusta has announced a product strategy for the near future and there’s one aspect of it that has us very curious. Along with revisions of the current lineup including the RVS, RC, and RR families, there’s a one-off bike in the works called the “One to One” that will wear a price tag in excess of 200,000 euros which is almost $250,000. It will be a one-off in the sense that if you want one, you have to order it. These things won’t be sitting around in showrooms.

MV Agusta’s eccentric CEO Giovanni Castiglioni commented a bit on what this superbike would be but didn’t clarify much. He said it will be powered by something other than a conventional gas engine, but it won’t be electric either. “Alternative propulsion doesn’t mean electric,” he commented according to Visor Down. “All I can is it will make a lot of power and noise.”

Apparently, he was asked if that means it will be jet-powered, and he neither confirmed nor denied the speculation. “It’s a radically different, never seen before propulsion-wise project. Not just design, but the way everything works is different,” said Castiglioni. “It’s kind of a mix of everything.”

Kind of a mix of everything? What does that mean? We’re not sure, but it sounds like jet-power hasn’t been ruled out. It would certainly result in a lot of power and noise, as promised. It wouldn’t be the first jet bike ever, but it would be the first to be made by a (somewhat) major manufacturer. Castiglioni reportedly anticipates the first examples of this special MV Agusta to be finished around the middle of 2019.