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A New Subaru Crosstrek Is Probably Coming Sept. 15

Subaru teased a new SUV in a Youtube video that looks like a new Crosstrek.

Subaru has dropped a short, dramatically scored, dimly lit teaser video of a “new SUV.” That SUV sure does look like the new Crosstrek, set to be fully revealed on September 15. 

Subaru of Japan posted the 15-second teaser clip on its own Youtube channel, mostly showing the car’s details in relief or darkness. Subaru revealed precious few details and the video is in strangely low resolution, making fine details hard to parse. There are good glimpses of the headlights and tail lights, as well as some ideas of the car’s overall shape. All signs point to this being a Crosstrek (called an XV in Japan), a close relative to the aging Subaru Impreza. Subaru’s Japanese website also posted the teaser and release date for the unnamed SUV.

A rear quarter comparison of the old Crosstrek and the new SUV. Subaru

Taking a closer look at some screengrabs from the potato-quality video reveals some details about the car. The lighting assemblies look unique to the car, with the headlights and tail lights not shared with other current Subaru products globally. Comparing the glimpse of sheet metal from the new SUV to the current Crosstrek also hints at comprehensively reworked styling with changes in the rear quarter window and rear fender shape, but an essentially shared philosophy and body style. It’s quite similar in vibes to the current Crosstrek.

The most revealing shot is the new SUV entering a cave, putting the car’s front profile into relief. It looks wide but not tall, with details like the ride height, tires, and potential body cladding shrouded in inky darkness. It also shares quite a lot of visual language with the current Crosstrek, with a raked and narrow windshield reminiscent of an Impreza. 

While it isn’t confirmed that this is the new Crosstrek, plenty of visual clues point in that direction. To know for sure, we’ll have to wait until September 15.

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