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2023 Ford Everest: A Ranger-Based Diesel SUV That Tows 7,700 Pounds

On another timeline, these Aussie Fords would stand in for the Bronco to do battle with the Toyota 4Runner.

America already has a midsize, Ford Ranger-based SUV in the Bronco, and as its sales show, we’re perfectly happy with it. In an alternate universe, though, the Bronco never arrived, leaving space for an SUV from the Land Down Under, the Ford Everest. Its 2023 redesign has just broken cover, and it’ll surely make more than a few of you perform unholy rituals to summon it to our plane.

The 2023 Ford Everest, as reported by Which Car?, rides on an updated version of the Ranger’s T6 platform, versions of which appear under our Bronco, and will be used for the 2023 Ford Ranger. While it’s about the same size as the last Everest, the seven-seater’s redesign improves its interior space, technology, and capability, the headlining feature of which is its new max tow rating reported to be 3.5 metric tons—7,716 pounds, or more than double what the Bronco can tow.

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It can accomplish such with the combination of an integrated trailer brake and the power of a 3.0-liter “Lion” turbodiesel V6, a version of which briefly powered the F-150 here in the United States. Propulsion from it or the base engine—a 2.0-liter, twin-turbo diesel four-banger—travels through a derivative of the current Ranger’s 10-speed automatic to an improved two-speed BorgWarner transfer case, giving high- and low-range four-wheel drive. Off-road capability naturally improves with this new model, thanks to hill descent control, upgraded Watts link rear suspension, and improved angles, giving it 31.5 inches of maximum wading depth. Overall ground clearance isn’t yet known, though.

Like the new Ranger, its interior has been brought up to date and looks to be identical to that of the pickup, all the way down to the giant 12-inch touchscreen. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are included, as are wireless charging, upgraded Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), and a neat parking assist that almost fully automates the process.

The 2023 Ford Everest reportedly hits the market in the second half of this year, though for Australia, not the States. That’ll disappoint more than a few people seeking a midsize SUV that isn’t the ancient Toyota 4Runner, which was rumored to get a redesign this year that has yet to materialize. At this rate, even the Nissan Xterra might beat the new 4Runner to market—it’ll certainly come here before the Everest does, because it seems to have an actual chance to.

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