Video: DC Cops’ Cruiser Drag Race Ends in Crash and Reckless Driving Charges

The two officers were charged with three counts of reckless driving after they crashed into each other on a quiet DC street last month.

byLewin Day|
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Back in mid-April, two police officers crashed their cruisers into each other in northeast Washington D.C. in what was apparently an ill-fated drag race on a quiet urban street. Now bodycam footage of the incident has been released by the Metropolitan Police Department, showing events prior to, during and immediately after the crash, as the two officers have also been formally charged with reckless driving, ABC7 News reports.

The incident occurred on April 22 around 5:15 p.m., when the four officers involved—two drivers and two passengers—reportedly staged an impromptu drag race that reached speeds of 60 mph on Anacostia Avenue, a curving two-way street bordering a city park with a 25 mph speed limit. One officer's bodycam was activated immediately after the collision, so it automatically saved the recording of the two minutes leading up to activation and captured what happened afterwards.


Filmed from the passenger seat, the footage shows the two Ford Interceptor sedans making contact approximately 24 seconds into the race before mounting the footpath and crashing into the fence of a residential dwelling. Post-crash, the officers climb out of the wrecked cruisers and call out to each other before the clip abruptly ends.

If you're wondering what exactly caused the crash—other than complete idiocy—the footage doesn't reveal much beyond a brief glimpse of the second cruiser in front of the camera car just before impact. We've cued in the video to start just before the race when you click play below:

The incident is as concerning as it is baffling, with even the most inexperienced young street racer knowing that vacant industrial areas or quiet stretches of highway are far more suitable for drag racing than pedestrian-lined local streets. Thankfully, nobody was seriously hurt, with the four officers involved taken to hospital with minor injuries. As for the vehicles involved, FOX 5 DC reported that both cruisers in question were totaled.

The Metropolitan Police Department originally confirmed that one of the officers, who was a probationary employee at the time, has been terminated for their involvement in what it called a "reckless driving incident." And sure enough, on Monday the two officers who were behind the wheel—33-year-old Jerrita Millington and 24-year-old Humias Khan, according to ABC7 News—were charged with three counts of reckless driving each. As for the passengers, the department says that those "found to have engaged in misconduct will be subject to discipline, up to and including termination."

With police often the first to call out drivers on the dangers of illegal street racing, the irony of seeing members of the force engaging in the same behavior is palpable. At least it's our turn to say: Save it for the track

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