How Much Might the Ford Ranger Raptor Cost in the U.S.?

We think the Ranger Raptor is coming to the States, so we want to be prepared.

byJames Gilboy|
Ford News photo

Ford has not officially stated that the Ranger Raptor is coming to the United States, but spokespersons for the blue oval have hinted of an America-bound model to The Drive on multiple occasions such as on the date of the vehicle's announcement. Days later, Ford even discussed American market powertrain options, suggesting that the Ranger Raptor's U.S. reveal is a matter of when not if.

As for how much it will might cost when it arrives stateside, pricing for the pint-sized pre-runner in its launch market of Australia was unveiled Monday, with Aussie publication News breaking the official price: 74,990 Australian dollars ($58,204). For reference, Cars Guide reports that the retail pricing for the Ford Ranger starts at AU$27,390 ($21,259).

Lack of F-150 availability in Australia may justify Ford's extreme price for the Ranger Raptor, but with its larger sibling available in the U.S., the Ranger Raptor will need to undercut the F-150 Raptor to compete. Retail pricing for the 2018 F-150 starts at $27,705 and the Raptor starts at $50,115, which is approximately 1.81 times the base F-150's price. If that same 1.81 multiplier is applied to the Ranger's estimated entry cost of $21,259, the result places Ranger Raptor pricing roughly in the upper thirties (fluctuating with exchange rates). No import tariffs need be accounted for because the 2019 Ranger would be made in Michigan.

This price window also sheds light on pricing for the as-of-yet hypothetical Bronco Raptor, with some speculating that the new Bronco could be derived from the Ranger-based Everest SUV. Should the Bronco indeed use the Ranger's underpinnings, we may have some idea how the Bronco will handle before it arrives on the market in the 2020 model year.

Ford declined to comment on The Drive's pricing estimates for the truck. With Ford's North America Vehicle Communications Manager, Michael Levine, reiterating promises of "more to share about Ranger Raptor at a later date," the only way to get our math checked is by waiting for Ford itself to speak up.