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2022 Bentley Flying Spur Mulliner: The Ultra-Luxury Version of an Ultra-Luxury Sedan

It features a new grille and diamond-quilted leather seats with 712 stitches per diamond. That's a lot of stitches.

What you’re looking at here is the most luxurious version of Bentley’s Flying Spur sedan ever made: the 2022 Bentley Flying Spur Mulliner. As its name suggests, it’s been designed and hand-crafted by Bentley’s Mulliner bespoke coachbuilding division and is available in any of the Flying Spur’s existing powerplants. Namely, the V6 hybrid, 4.0-liter V8, or the big 6.0-liter twin-turbo W12.

Design elements exclusive to the Mulliner include the downright imperial-looking double diamond front grille, 22-inch wheels with self-leveling wheel caps that are always the right way up, satin silver mirror caps, and Mulliner-branded side grilles. Even the fuel and oil caps are of the jewel variety, whatever that means.


On the inside, Mulliner has expertly curated eight different tri-color interiors to choose from. Each featuring diamond-milled trim and hand-stitched seats featuring quilted diamonds consisting of exactly 712 stitches each. Bentley also says the quilting process here took it 18 entire months to develop. So, now we know what Bentley’s been doing for this entire pandemic other than rake it in harder than it ever has before. Button-operated, veneered “picnic tables” behind the front seats let rear passengers prop up their laptops and do some work or, y’know, have a picnic. 

Even the way the Flying Spur Mulliner’s keys are presented is super fancy. They’re leather-bound and come in a hand-crafted box that matches your specific car’s interior, a bit like the boxes that come with expensive pieces of horology. Speaking of, the in-dash clock here was apparently sourced from Breitling.

Bentley has not released pricing but considering a “base” Flying Spur already starts north of $200,000, we’d estimate a Mulliner to exceed, $300,000.

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