This Kid Can Back Up a Trailer Better Than Most Adults

"Jackknife" clearly isn't in this kid's vocabulary.

You know how they say that rain is “the great equalizer” when it comes to motor racing? Well, backing up a truck with a trailer hitched to it might just hold the same status when it comes to, er, truck things. Not very many people are truly good at it and novice attempts often end in some blend of frustration, embarrassment, and, in the worst cases, property damage.

Well, putting most adult truck owners to shame with his trailer-reversing skills is a kid named Kruz, who can be seen here taking his trailered-up Ram Power Wheels for a backward lap around the driveway with minimal issues and maximum confidence.

No jackknifing, no unfortunate dings to any of what we’re assuming are his parents’ real trucks. What a pro.

As it turns out, Kruz is the star of a YouTube channel called the KV Show in which he plays with what appears to be a whole fleet of miniature, kid-centric vehicles. Here he is taking delivery of a brand new Ford F-150 Raptor.

And here he is showing off his mad reverse truck driving skills again, this time towing a couple of muscle cars that happen to be in his fleet including a Chevy Camaro and a Ford Mustang.

Kruz still has quite a few years before he has to decide what he wants to do when he grows up, but if the whole automotive YouTuber thing doesn’t work out, he could probably make a good living as some sort of truck driving instructor. Color us impressed.

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