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Watch This Michigan Driver Roll His Car Trying to Avoid a Simple Speeding Ticket

"The conversation would have been easier," Michigan State Police tweeted.

There are few feelings worse than blowing past a speed trap and immediately knowing that the officer has you dead to rights—except maybe rolling your car in a last-ditch attempt to cut across three lanes of traffic and exit the highway before he can catch up, as one driver in Michigan discovered this week.

The Michigan State Police tweeted out a warning to all other would-be speeders after the incident was captured on the trooper’s dash cam. Recorded at 7:30am on Monday morning, the video shows the speed enforcement unit pulling out onto the M-14 highway just west of Detroit after clocking the doomed driver at 85 miles per hour. The speeder has a pretty good head of steam, so it’s hard to spot him at first as the trooper gets going.

That changes seconds later; you can see his brake lights flash in the left lane as he loses control and spears across the roadway towards the exit. As the trooper catches up, the car dives through a small grass median separating the highway from the off-ramp, gets spun around, and ends up rolling once before landing back on its wheels and coming to rest in a ditch. 

As the MSP wryly noted, a conversation would definitely have been easier than that. Now, it’s often the case that people who flee from police over a minor moving violation have something to hide. But in a follow-up tweet, authorities said that this particular driver was simply late for work, which means that however your week is going, at least you had a better Monday morning than him.