‘The Final Challenge’ Is a Rolls-Royce Cullinan YouTube Series Must Watch

The new video series takes you on a ride in the Cullinan as it travels from Scotland to the United States, and it’s quite good.

byChris Constantine|
Rolls Royce News photo

A few weeks ago, Rolls-Royce announced its new video series on YouTube called "The Final Challenge." The series documents the Cullinan luxury SUV's final tests before it officially debuts sometime later this year. Watching Rolls stress-test a camouflaged crossover might seem a little ho-hum, but now that the brand has been uploading video updates of the car's journey on an almost daily basis, we're in love with the cinematography and stories these video shorts tell. 

Each two-minute video from the series is posted on the Rolls-Royce YouTube channel and showcases a different adventure or obstacle the Cullinan must conquer. Renowned National Geographic adventure photographer Cory Richards follows the car as it makes its way from Scotland to the United Arab Emirates and finally to the United States. 

We pick up the story right as the Cullinan finishes its journey through the Scotland Highlands, exploring the picturesque farmlands and arriving at the Alladale Lodge to collect a special stone that Rolls-Royce will use in the building process of one of its bespoke Cullinan variants. 

The next stop for Richards and Rolls-Royce's historic new model is the UAE, where the car will most likely be put to the test in the endless sea of sand dunes in the Rub' al Khali desert. Stay tuned for that segment on the Rolls-Royce YouTube channel. In the meantime you can watch the Cullinan's Scotland adventures below.