The Rezvani Hercules 6×6 Is a Tacti-Cool Off-Roader With Optional Bulletproofing

The upcoming "extreme utility vehicle" is inspired by concept trucks no one has the guts to build.

Rezvani, a company that should be listed in the thesaurus as an antonym for “subtle,” announced its wildest idea yet on Tuesday: the Hercules 6×6. It’s a six-wheeled off-road truck that Rezvani bills as its “strongest” and “most capable” vehicle to-date. 

The boutique automaker calls the Hercules 6×6 an “extreme utility vehicle” and like the Rezvani Tank, it takes a ton of inspiration from military rigs. We also expect the Hercules 6×6 to follow the “I eat every meal with a tactical spork and my camo bathroom towels have MOLLE loops” aesthetic of the Tank. 

This is all we get for now, folks. , Rezvani

Fortunately, it should at least have some decent performance chops underneath all of this macho sheet metal. It’s a steel body-on-frame truck with a suspension system designed in partnership with the off-road specialists at Fox Racing. 

Tuesday’s announcement didn’t give much detail beyond that, but we do at least expect complete and utter ridiculousness (in a fun way). Rezvani’s modus operandi thus far is to take an existing vehicle—such as the Ariel Atom for the Beast and the JK-generation Jeep Wrangler Unlimited for the Tank—and buff it up. Add wilder bodywork, bigger engines and absurd features. 

Do you need electromagnetic pulse protection in a dressed-up JKU? Probably not, but that’s a feature offered on the Tank Military Edition. Then again, it’s not all fun and war games here. Rezvani tends to stuff more and more powerful engines in things over time as well, such as in the Alpha X Blackbird version of the Beast, which features 700 horsepower over the standard Beast’s 500 hp. 

The Hercules 6×6 will also have a Military Edition with body armor, bulletproof glass and more than 20 other to-be-announced security features. If the Tank Military Edition’s list is anything to go by, however, expect features like a smoke screen, electrified door handles, gas masks and night vision to round out your home garage-slash-prepper storeroom. 


Unfortunately, trying to brighten Rezvani’s teaser image only brightens a “NICE TRY :)” watermark in the shadows, so we can’t say for sure just yet which (if any) existing vehicle this is based on. We’ll have to wait for the full details later this summer. In the meantime, if this is exactly what you need to out-bro that neighbor with the Raptor, you can reserve a new Hercules 6×6 here with a $266 refundable deposit. Deliveries start later this year. 

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