Bentley Flying Spur Looks Way Cooler as 626-HP Station Wagon

This is the ultra-luxe, ultra-practical do-everything Bentley of our dreams—if only it existed.

byStef Schrader|
Bentley Flying Spur Looks Way Cooler as 626-HP Station Wagon

If there's one glaring hole in the high end of the luxury car market, it's the wagon. There simply aren't enough absurdly opulent station wagons out there, and none quite as special as a Bentley Flying Spur sedan. Yet a couple of renders floating around the internet have proven that the Flying Spur's brutish, muscular good looks actually work better in longroof form. 

Both Handbuilt and X-Tomi Design had roughly the same idea, which was to imagine how the delightful 626-horsepower Bentley Flying Spur looked as a wagon.

If you've ever thought a sedan didn't give you enough cargo space but you have a yearning for the Flying Spur's 664 pound-feet of torque, say no more fam, this render is here for you. 

Sure, we get the Bentayga, which is all right, I guess, but everyone knows that a wagon that rides closer to earth is a lot more pleasurable to drive than a big, tall behemoth of an SUV. Luxury SUVs inspire you to go to Costco, while fast wagons inspire you to haul a whole extra set of tires around because you're going to roast the ones on the car to the cords. 

A standard Flying Spur is a joy despite its bulky looks and heaps of luxury inside, as you can get a monster of a W-12 engine that rockets it up to a ludicrous top speed of 207 miles per hour—in a car that weighs a minimum of 5,456 pounds.

All we have to say is, please build it. Bonus automotive internet points as always if it's offered in deep chocolatey brown with a manual transmission for maximum wagoning pleasure. 

h/t: Top Gear