The Bentley Starck Power Dock Is a Posh Charging Station for Fancy Hybrids

Your butler is going to love this thing.

byEric Brandt|
Bentley News photo

Car charging stations for the home usually aren’t pretty. They tend to look exactly like what they are, tools that go in—and stay in the garage. For most drivers of electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids, that’s just fine. But it's not fine for Bentley drivers.

That’s why Bentley teamed up with designer Philippe Starck on the Starck Power Dock. It’s a charging station for the freshly unveiled Bentley Bentayga Hybrid, the luxury brand’s first ever hybrid. The Bentayga plug-in hybrid has an electric “E Motor” mated to a 3.0-liter V6 and promises an electric range of 31 miles. Bentley calls the PHEV crossover the “first step towards full electrification” for the brand so we can assume the Power Dock will also be used for other hybrid/EV Bentley models in the future.

In a press release, Bentley says the Starck Power Dock “brings a sophisticated and timeless touch to the act of hybrid recharging, acting as a functional piece of art that will enhance any home.”

Alright, take it easy, Bentley.

That’s some pretty flowery language to describe a thing you hang in your garage to charge your car, but the Power Dock is, admittedly, very pretty. It uses sustainable materials such as pressed eco-linen and bio-sourced thermosetting resin. The dome on the front uses hot-pressure aluminum casting giving it a clean, sophisticated look.  There’s a screen on it that tells you power usage along with a tasteful Bentley logo. It looks like it can either hang on a wall or sit on a stand and it appears to have some sort of retractable cable to keep it neat and safe.

“As always with my designs I wanted the maximum of intelligence with the minimum of materiality. I wanted it to be a modern art piece: durable, real and avant-garde high tech. It was also important for me that the unit was as sustainable as possible,” said Philippe Starck, designer of the Starck Power Dock in the press release.

We reached out to Bentley asking for more details about the Power Dock like functionality and availability. "The Starck Power Dock is currently still in the conceptual stage, so we are unable to confirm any further detail," said a Bentley representative in an email to The Drive.

The Starck Power Dock will make it a pleasure for you or your butler to plug in your Bentley so you can enjoy miles of electric power in your Bentayga Hybrid.