This Brabus-STARTECH Bentley Bentayga Is Downright Sexy

The aftermarket group turns out a comely vision that fixes the ute’s weird butt.

byBen Keeshin| PUBLISHED Jul 21, 2016 5:01 PM
This Brabus-STARTECH Bentley Bentayga Is Downright Sexy

Yesterday, Bentley showed how in-house customization arm, Mulliner, could turn the new Bentley Bentayga into a walnut-laden fishing hut. Now, the fingers of the aftermarket have grasped Bentley’s newest model, and the result is the STARTECH Bentley Bentayga, by Brabus. Tweaking an already bonkers vehicle isn't shocking. What is surprising is how well the finished product turned out.

The changes weren't drastic. Where the standard Bentayga is wide, the STARTECH version is wider; where the stock Bentayga sports 22-inch wheels, the STARTECH rolls on 23s. While the normal Bentayga has two exhaust pipes, the STARTECH ‘Tayga has four! Simple yet magnificent.

Like many an aftermarket-treated SUV, the customization undertaken by STARTECH, a subsidiary of Brabus, has limited the Bentley Bentayga’s abilities somewhat. While Bentley prides itself on making an SUV with equal capability on and off road, the STARTECH Bentayga trims rock-crawling ability for greater on-road presence and performance. The wheel arches are flared to accommodate the enormous wheels and STARTECH has fitted new front and rear bumpers with wide lips and straked air-intakes.

The STARTECH Bentley Bentayga's rear diffused was inspired by F1 cars., STARTECH Mediaclub

Around back, a F1-style rear diffuser and warning lamp should keep the 3-ton SUV planted at speed, as well as highly visible, should it wander onto an active F1 course. Inside, STARTECH offers a wide array of custom interiors, though spackling over the divine work that Bentley does at the factory seems akin to upholstering the David in customized crocodile leather—compelling, but blasphemous.

Aside from the fact that the press release refers to the Bentley’s “powerful V12” several times, we like what Brabus/STARTECH is selling. While a Bentley interior might be sacrosanct, the Bentayga’s odd exterior is ripe for iteration. With the dark-grey wheels, a carbon spoiler and fat arches, the STARTECH Bentayga looks from the rear like a Porsche 911 Turbo Wagon—and that’s a family resemblance everyone can get behind.

The STARTECH Bentley Bentayga uses huge, 23-inch wheels that looks somewhat like what Porsche bolts on to the 911 Turbo S., STARTECH Mediaclub
In profile, the STARTECH Bentley Bentayga looks muscular and well-stanced., STARTECH Mediaclub
STARTECH's custom bumper feeds air to the STARTECH Bentley Bentayga's engine and brakes., STARTECH Mediaclub