Bentley’s New Tweed Fabric Interior Is an Extremely British Option

Match your Continental GT Convertible's tweed roof with more in-cabin tweed.

Bentley is set to go all-electric by 2030, but on its way there, it will make sure that regardless of which powertrain you choose, the interior of your new Bentley features the same tweed fabrics that you know and love from your grandfather’s wardrobe—or an episode of Wallace and Gromit.

Following the tweed roof option on the Continental GT Convertible, Bentley will offer four tweed options on its four-door and two-door models, all made from fabrics produced in Scotland “using ethical, environmentally-friendly processes.” Bentley’s long-term plan includes becoming “a global leader in sustainable luxury mobility,” which translates to producing zero-emission cars featuring no real leather and plenty of recycled materials, hence the tweed.

The only problem with Bentley’s eco-friendly tweed trim option is that because the cabin also needs to show off its 400,000 stitches and diamond quilting, the tweed fabric just can’t get enough surface area on those front door panels. Maybe the situation gets better when optioned for the Flying Spur to replace Mulliner’s 3D-machined wooden door inserts.

Bentley’s tweed color themes include Cheltenham “with its countryside greens,” Glen Plaid–Tolsta Beach “with its bold check pattern,” and two “subtle and contemporary choices” known as the Charcoal and Sand Herringbone tweeds.

The tweed is sourced from the Lovat Mill, located in the Scottish Borders town of Hawick. As Bentley explains, Lovat Mill operates a “dry” production facility with absolutely no adverse impact on the local natural environment.

“There are no hazardous industrial chemicals (such as AZO dye) used on-site and they weave on “environmentally aware” versatile rapier looms,” says Bentley in a press release. “Furthermore, with 90 percent of local electricity consumption coming from renewable sources, negligible emissions, and the local highly skilled workforce living mostly within easy walking distance of the facility, the mill is able to minimize its carbon footprint.”

Before making it an option for the Continental’s soft top, Bentley teamed up with Savile Row tailors to create the “Sportsman” Bentayga, choosing the Peck 62 tweed for the passenger and driver fascias. The Continental GT Equestrian Edition also featured diamond-quilted tweed fabrics for the door inlays and rear quarter panels, while the new ultra-limited Bentley Mulliner Bacalar show car incorporated grey tweed to the sides of the center console, across the instrument panel, and into the door interiors, with further tweed detailing on the seats and the bespoke luggage set.

Tweed is how Bentley says Made in Britain.

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