There’s a Bentley Somewhere in This 57.7 Billion-Pixel Image


Bentley Motors is back at it again for another round of “spot the car in a giant freaking picture,” this time taking their NASA-approved camera rig to the heart of Dubai to promote the Flying Spur W12 S. And we have to admit that if any place is going to camouflage a bespoke 200+mph luxury sedan decked out in “Orange Flame,” it’s an oil kingdom where this is your average traffic jam and even the police have an Aston Martin One-77. It’s like the most expensive game of Where’s Waldo, who frankly might be easier to spot in a place like this.

Fortunately (and because it’s an ad, duh), Bentley makes it easy and fixes the zoom to the Flying Spur the first time you load up the image. After doing your best Super Troopers impression and enhancing all the way down from near the top of the Cayan Tower to the little “B” emblem on the car’s hood, you can choose to explore the image and full and spend the rest of the day looking at all the Toyota HiAces and Nissan Hardbodies. 

To top their last showing involving the Golden Gate Bridge and the Mulsanne, Bentley strapped their NASA-derived camera setup to the side of the tower over 860 feet up. Over the course of 48 hours amidst 100+ degree heat and strong winds, the camera captured 1,825 frames that were all stitched together and light balanced to produce the finished image—which took another 18 hours to download.

So is it “one of the world’s most detailed landscape images,” as Bentley puts it, or just a picture of a car? Depends on how closely you look.