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Hyundai Crosses Antarctica With Beefed-Up Santa Fe

The automaker pays homage to famous explorer Sir Edward Shackleton.

byCaleb Jacobs|
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Hyundai seems like an unlikely candidate to drive across the continent of Antarctica. But the automaker did exactly that. Piloted by Patrick Bergel, great-grandson of explorer Sir Edward Shackleton, an upgraded Hyundai Santa Fe made its way through the harsh territory with the help of beefy tires, a wild body kit, and heaps of machismo. 

It may look outlandish, but the Santa Fe used on the expedition hues closely to factory spec. Modifications like the snow-terrain tires and lift kit are the most obvious, but aside from that, running gear is mostly stock. The 2.2L diesel engine was modified to run A-1 jet fuel, but only because that's what's available there. Aside from that, it boasts many of the same features that you would find in a normal, road-going version including seating for five.

The journey was a long one as the team averaged a speed of just 17 miles per hour. With the constant need of checking for weak points in the ice and other obstacles, they had to take it slow. It took them 30 days total to make the 3,600 miles long haul from one side of the continent to the other, a feat which they finished at the end of December. It's unclear why we're just hearing of the accomplishment, but nonetheless, it's still as impressive. 

“We were aware of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s story and as a Company felt a resonance with his courage and pioneering spirit ... Our film celebrates this spirit and through Patrick, his Great Grandson, completes his dream to cross Antarctica – just a hundred years later. We hope that it showcases Hyundai as brand that that is more than just a means of transportation.”

Scott Noh, Head of Overseas Marketing Group, Hyundai Motor Company
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Does this change your mind about Hyundai? Whether it does or not, this was a big challenge that few others have completed. Plus, this is definitely the best looking Santa Fe we've ever seen. 

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