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Meet the New Bentley Drop Top That Costs More Than 8 Continental GTs

At more than $2 million a pop, the Batur Convertible is more than your average Bentley… if there is such a thing.

byCaleb Jacobs|
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Not long ago, Bentley released the Batur. It's a coachbuilt two-door limited to just 18 units. They all cost $2 million and they were sold out before schmucks like us could even get our hands on one. That's because they were said to be among the last of Bentley's historic W12 models and now, there's another.

Introducing the Bentley Batur Convertible.

So, what you're thinking is mostly true. It's the same car without a roof. That makes it objectively better as a grand tourer because no matter how hardcore you are about performance, this isn't about rigidity or track times. It's about cruising the Amalfi Coast with the one person you love (or at least like) the most.

Much of what was said about the fixed-roof Batur can be said of this one, though the convertible is even rarer—only 16 examples are being made. The twin-turbo 6.0-liter W12 still makes roughly 740 horsepower and the torque figure sounds best in Newton meters at 1,000. That's 738 lb-ft in American.

The customization potential is nearly endless. Indeed, Bentley calls the paint choices "infinite." The example shown in the pictures here is Batur Convertible Car #0, an engineering development model that wears a Vermillion Gloss over Vermillion Satin Duo scheme. Orange accents are peppered throughout, most obviously showing up on the 22-inch wheels and then inside on the steering wheel, dashboard, shifter, and seat stitching. Theoretically, if you're willing and able to pay Bentley $2 million for your own while also getting ahead of the other rich folks who want one, you could have yours in purple over pink. That's totally up to you.

Bentley notes that the Batur Convertible offers even more personalization features like the airbridge, that color-matched piece behind the seat headrests. Customers—or, as high-end automakers like to call them, clients—can express themselves however they want by adorning that with whatever colors or design patterns they please. There's also a host of rose gold interior detailing that Bentley worked on with craftsmen from Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter. It's all very nifty stuff.


The Batur Convertible is the third bespoke model in a family of Mulliner-built specials. It joins the Bacalar as well as, obviously, the "normal" Batur. Bentley insists this will be one of the final models built with the hand-crafted W12 engine, which is just icing on the ultra-fancy cake for anyone who's able to drop this kind of coin. Exact pricing hasn't been disclosed, but you know it has to be a good amount more than the $2 million coupe it's based on.

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