Bentley Recalls Just One (1) Flying Spur Sedan

Talk about exclusivity.

When a huge automaker like Ford screws up on a single day’s worth of Bronco Sports, dozens of cars need to be recalled. When a boutique car builder like Bentley, however, drops the ball on a day’s worth of Flying Spurs, just one car has to come back. We know this because that’s exactly what’s happening right now. Thanks to a fuel tank that may have not been welded properly, exactly one (1) 2020 Bentley Flying Spur is being recalled. There’s a NHTSA report for it and everything. 

According to said report, the lucky car in question was assembled on Aug. 30, 2020. Much like the aforementioned Bronco Sport’s suspension issue, the problem was apparently caused by the fuel tank supplier, not Bentley itself. “During the production process at the fuel tank supplier, a welding process of the fuel tank may not have been performed according to specifications,” the defect description reads. “The long-term durability of the fuel tank cannot be guaranteed.”


The report goes on to specify “a welding process of the fuel tank plastic sub-components may not have been performed according to specifications.” Of course, a badly welded-together fuel tank may cause a fuel leak, which may cause a fire. 

Just like any other recall, the affected owners, er, owner will be notified and prompted to bring the car into a dealership where the fuel tank will be replaced free of charge.

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