Paris Police Find Lion Cub Inside Rental Lamborghini Parked on Champs-Elysees

This is the second time this month that French authorities have confiscated illegally owned lions

byRob Stumpf| UPDATED Nov 13, 2018 9:48 AM
Paris Police Find Lion Cub Inside Rental Lamborghini Parked on Champs-Elysees

Police in Paris, France made an interesting finding on Monday evening after discovering a lion cub being held in the cabin of a rented Lamborghini.

According to the AP, the discovery was made on one of Paris' busiest shopping streets, Champs-Elysees, which is the city's luxury and lifestyle district, housing mostly high-end stores and restaurants for the wealthy. According to reports, police were searching the hired Lamborghini for an unknown reason when they spotted the lion in the car.

Authorities took the driver into custody and arranged appropriate care for the cub. It's not clear why the lion was in the Lamborghini, however, given the high value of the vehicle, it's likely that the animal was being kept as an exotic pet. Although sort of irrelevant, it's unknown what model Lamborghini the lion cub was using as its temporary home.

France appears to have repeat issues with lions popping up in the homes (and now cars) of citizens. Earlier this month, a 30-year-old man was arrested and sentenced to six months in prison after attempting to sell a six-week-old lioness for $11,500. In a separate 2017 incident, police found a malnourished lion cub after another man took selfies with it and then abandoned it in an apartment. Investigators report that at least three other lions have been discovered outside of Paris recently.

Exotic pets aren't necessarily a new thing to the fashion capital of the world. Salvador Dali was often seen on the streets of Paris walking his ocelot, Babou, and even an ant-eater. Gerard de Nerval, a 19th-century French poet, walked a pet lobster he called Thibault. However, a lion in a Lambo is a trend that police simply won't have.

With the looming reality of Paris banning most cars from its city center in the near future, the next exotic pet discovered might just be found on an eBike.