This French Hot Rod Shop Turns Exotic Porsches and Lamborghinis Into Gnarly Rat Rods

Purists beware: these builds are nowhere near normal.

byElizabeth Puckett|
Builds photo


Based in France, Danton Arts Kustoms is a radical design house with emphasis on the abnormal. The company takes established European exotics including Porsches, Lamborghinis, and the lot while putting its own twist on them by way of chopping their roof, exposing their engine, and slamming them to the ground among other crazy mods. And while they may spark some controversy, these builds are full of high-end craftsmanship, despite their lack of conformity.

DAS targets both popular and lesser-known models to work with, as long as they offer a proper platform that fits the brand's visions. Rolling out of the shop, you can sometimes find a "Targa" Porsche 911 with its roofline lowered and its fenders removed or a chopped Lamborghini Espada with its V12 engine sitting proud up front with nothing to hide its beauty. 

In the Lamborghini's case, the body of one of the approximate 1,200 Espadas ever built has been massaged and heavily reworked—the biggest problem for many with this build is the rarity of the Italian Bull and the builder's choice not to use a kit car instead. It rolls on massively offset rear wheels, and has a very similar themed interior as the Porsche above. Modern styling cues make this a more contemporary take on the classic, but its intimidation factor is through the rough with its menacing front fascia and angular fins.

An example of DAS' work caught our attention last year in the form of a purple Porsche-based hot rod creation. Reactions were understandably mixed across the internet, which is to be expected when a vehicle is modified to such an extreme degree. We fully expect the comments to follow along similar lines with these two builds, and that's okay because, after all, reaction is a major part of satisfaction in the world of art.

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