Lamborghini Gallardo-Based Batmobile Clone Crashed by YouTuber Seb Delanney in France

The high-end movie car remake reportedly collided with a Renault city car while traveling to a local Cars and Coffee event.

byChris Teague| UPDATED Jul 30, 2019 12:28 AM
Lamborghini Gallardo-Based Batmobile Clone Crashed by YouTuber Seb Delanney in France

A one-off, Lamborghini-based Batmobile replica driven by YouTuber Sebastian Delanney was recently involved in a wreck, and the results look tragic to say the least. 

If this had been a sloppy kit car or fiberglass job, we could be thankful that no one got hurt and move on, but this car was no hack job. The car's build team was even spearheaded by a former Koenigsegg engineer. They set out to fully re-body a Lamborghini Gallardo V-10, complete with surround-view cameras and custom lighting, and the result was nothing short of ridiculous. There’s no word on the original cost of the car, but the Gallardo alone is quite a purchase—not to mention the fully custom carbon fiber bodywork and electronics that went into building the beast. 

The car was originally created for a group called Team Galag to participate in the Gumball 3000, which takes celebrities and anyone rich enough to pay the entrance fees on extravagant road trips with parties each night along the way. This flavor of Batmobile might also look rather foreign to people that aren’t intimately familiar with the Dark Knight’s world of shows, movies, and games. The famous Batmobile from the Tim Burton-directed Batman Returns is probably the most recognizable to anyone with a passing interest in the series, but this one is from the Arkham Knight series of video games.

Despite having all the looks and sounds of a real Batmobile, this car unfortunately had none of the armor and evasive maneuvers. Its fate was sealed by a Renault Scenic, a compact MPV-style vehicle that is undoubtedly far less expensive to repair than the one-off Batmobile. 

Delanney was supposedly on his way to a Cars and Coffee event in Amsterdam when he claims the car was struck by another driver in the northern French town of Dunkirk. In an earlier video, the YouTuber complained of poor visibility in the Batmobile, so there’s every possibility that blind spots played a role in the crash. 

You can watch Delanney's video in which he gives his account of the crash below: