Watch Canadian Batman Get Pulled Over in the Batmobile

Fortunately, the reason for the stop was for a photo op and not a citation.

byRob Stumpf| UPDATED Aug 22, 2018 12:20 PM
Watch Canadian Batman Get Pulled Over in the Batmobile

I've had my fair share of experiences watching unexpecting motorists get pulled over (sometimes that includes myself), but this is a whole different stratum of comedic value. This time, the sucker behind the wheel is none other than Gotham's finest. His ride? The Batmobile.

The short clip shows the patrol car with reds and blues flashing, crossing the center dividing line to get behind the Batmobile. The two cars behind the officer, one of which is filming the incident, appear to be perplexed on how to process the odd situation; it's not every day that the Batman is pulled over in front of you. Eventually, the cars creep past as Batman leaps from the cockpit of his "specially built high-powered auto" (as described in a 1941 Batman comic) and lands in the caped crusader squat.

The Brampton Batman, aptly named for his presence in the city of Brampton in Ontario, Canada, is actually a man who goes by the legal name of Stephen Lawrence. And, despite the video showing him being pulled over, he reportedly did nothing wrong. According to a Motor 1 report, the Ontario Provincial Police Officer stopped Lawrence to grab a photo with him. The two had an encounter earlier that day when he specifically called the officer over to ask her to discourage onlookers from taking photos in the name of safety.

"I pulled over, jumped out and I asked the OPP officer, 'Is everything OK?'" Lawrence said during an interview with CBC Radio's program, As It Happens. "The whole thing that I like to do when it comes to local law enforcement is to remember that not only do they have a job to do, also sometimes they can have a little fun while doing the work."

Lawerence has been dressing up like the Dark Knight for over 20 years now, making public appearances around Brampton on-foot and in the Batmobile. He also told CBC that he has received three "citations of bravery" for helping prevent crime while wearing his Bruce Wayne attire, or as some may know it, out-of-costume.