Merge Now Episode #7: Building The Motorcycle Of The Future, with ARC Vehicles CEO Mark Truman

We talk to ARC Vehicles CEO Mark Truman about his tech-drenched electric motorcycle, the Vector, and using new technologies for enthusiast purposes.

A while back, while digging through patent filings in search of cool new developments, I stumbled across a group of patent applications that blew my mind. They showed an electric motorcycle built around a modular, integrated battery system that was connected to a jacket that enhanced the rider’s awareness by providing haptic feedback for things like blind spot monitoring. They even hinted at the ability to monitor rider position and adjust performance as needed.

It turned out that this futuristic bike was the Vector, first developed out of Jaguar Land Rover’s “Whitespace” incubator and subsequently spun off into a startup called ARC Vehicles. On this week’s Merge Now, we are joined by the CEO of ARC, Mark Truman, who explains his background, his bike, and how ARC is using technology to enhance the connection between man and machine rather than coming between them. As he explains all the amazing capabilities that ARC is working toward it becomes increasingly clear that the opportunities to use technology to enhance enthusiast vehicles are only just beginning to be realized.