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There’s a 227-Mile Toyota 4Runner Hiding Under This Extreme Armor Plating

Why go through all that trouble just to park it?

By now, we’re used to seeing Jeep Wranglers with less-than-tasteful mods, from blinding underglow to body kits that turn the iconic off-roader into an all-out macho caricature. As this near-new 2016 Toyota 4Runner has proved, though, gaudiness isn’t just a “Jeep Thing.”

Spotted on Las Vegas’ Craigslist, the low-mile 4Runner SR5 has bodywork that’s described as “very custom” in the ad. Mhm. They’re…not wrong. As a matter of fact, I’ve not seen many armor-plated 4Runners before—copper-colored or not. Nor are there many other Toyotas out there with GMC Yukon taillights. It really is one-of-a-kind.

JBA Motors via Craigslist

The front-end is completely unrecognizable with four projector headlights and a bevy of LED light bars underneath. The framing of these lights isn’t necessarily perfect, and the front grille looks fit for barbecuing, first and foremost. It’s a step above the angry-eye Jeep mods we touched on earlier, and there are more angles here than on a sophomore geometry final.

Underneath, though, this 4Runner is incredibly clean. It’s only accumulated 227 miles in its four years on Earth and the ad claims it’s never actually been driven on the road. The spotless interior backs up that claim and, if you can get past the out-of-this-world bodywork, you’ll notice that it too is incredibly clean.

JBA Motors via Craigslist

Other, more useful mods include 33-inch Toyo mud-terrains with a spare to match, plenty of auxiliary lighting and a color-matched jerry can for if you ever run on E while hitting the trail. It’s hard to imagine such a flashy ride ever driving the path less traveled but, should the new owner be so brave, it’ll at least have Toyota’s proven pedigree when it comes to traversing tough terrain.

Just stay away from those deceivingly muddy lake beds.

JBA Motors is asking $35,999 for this, erm, unique 4×4 and mentions its original MSRP was $37,530, so there’s no insane markup here. It even features navigation and a towing package, proving that while these mods might not be the most attractive, the rig wouldn’t be so bad if you never left its cabin.

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