Street Racers Reportedly Run Down Mother and Infant, Killing Both

'We hope something good will come of this foolish accident. That's what Jessie would want.'

Jessica Raubenolt, a 24-year-old mother from Ohio and her 21-month-old daughter, Lillia, died after being hit by a speeding 2018 Ford Mustang while legally crossing a street in Tampa, Florida on Wednesday. The mother and daughter were out for a midday walk on Bayshore Boulevard when two cars were witnessed to be racing north on the same road.

Despite receiving prompt medical treatment at Tampa General Hospital, Raubenolt died the same day. Daughter Lillia died Thursday. 

The Mustang was driven by Cameron Herrin, 18, with his older brother Tristin, 20, in the passenger seat. Cameron was reported to be racing a gold Nissan, driven by John Alexander Barrineau, 17, according to Tampa Bay Times. Official summary of the incident describes both cars as moving at a high rate of speed, and weaving through traffic.

Both drivers graduated from Tampa Catholic High School Monday. All three are out on bail. Tristin faces a misdemeanor racing charge, while the drivers are each facing two counts of vehicular manslaughter and street racing.

The mother and daughter were in town with family, including husband and father, David Raubenolt, who was there to attain a pilot’s certification for single-engined aircraft. His certification, however, had been delayed several days by poor weather conditions, preventing testing.

Despite the horrific circumstances of the accident, Raubenolt’s 62-year-old uncle, John Reisinger, offered forgiveness to the drivers.

“We’re praying for those young boys and their families,” said Reisinger to Tampa Bay Times. “We hope something good will come of this foolish accident. That’s what Jessie would want. She made a mark on this world that her death will not diminish. The biggest tragedy is that more people didn’t know her.”