The Kills New Music Video Is a Classic Lincoln Extravaganza

It turns out the Mark V Continental makes a decent funeral home.

byBen Keeshin|
Lincoln News photo

Let it be known: The Kills just dropped a new music video and it nothing less than the world's most excellent parade of vintage Lincolns. (There is music as well, though we listened without sound, so as to concentrate on the metal.) Befitting the band’s name, the video for “Doing It To Death” is appropriately funereal. Several stylish, potentially drunk pallbearers sway beneath a casket. The dress code is (nefarious) business casual, with lead singer Allison Mosshart dressed for the Lower East Side’s sexiest funeral. All that rock’n’roll doom’n’gloom looks lily-white, however, in comparison to the video’s centerpiece: a parade of fifth-generation Lincoln Continentals, as low, slow and black as a tar spill.

Until this point, I’d never noticed: 1979 Lincoln Continentals make the perfect stages. Lincoln must have known as much, hence the “opera windows.” (The hints are everywhere, sheeple.) The long trunk and longer hood provide what must be approaching fifty square feet: perfect grounds for a small-scale production like a music video. The marshmallow suspension makes sure that no road imperfections disrupt the performers, while the vinyl roof covering provides a curtain, of sorts. Hats off to The Kills for realizing that in the late Seventies, Lincoln made mediocre sedans, but excellent funeral platforms.