Check Out This 1988 Lincoln Town Car With A Stripper Pole

Because erotic dancing is best with the wind of the open road at your face.

byMax Goldberg|
Check Out This 1988 Lincoln Town Car With A Stripper Pole

Sometimes you are awake early Sunday morning and find yourself exploring the depths of the internet only to find a car that makes you ask “why?” Normally when you see a Lincoln Town Car for sale you don't think twice, but this 1988 Lincoln Town Car Stripper Pole Limo is an exception. Built by Southamton Coach Works in Farmingdale, New York, this Wine Burgundy Limo is the brainchild of a lot of drugs and poor taste.

Loaded to the gills with plush burgundy leather and carpet, this permanent convertible is forever stuck in party mode and for just $14,999, you can be the proud owner of this unique treat.

According to the ad on North Hills Auto Mall's website, the 1988 Town Car only has 72,000 miles and is powered by a 5.0-liter V8 making a hefty 150 horsepower and 270 pound-feet of torque. If you opt to look closely at the ad, you can see hidden gems like the trim level designation being “stripper pole limo,” and the description notes including, “silky~silky playa. Runs excellent.”

If anyone decides to make a bid on this hidden gem, please comment below and tell us everything about your journey.