“European [Formula One] Drivers Are Very Weak Mentally,” Juan Pablo Montoya Says

The former F1 ace says Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso are the best drivers in the grid right now

byWill Sabel Courtney|
“European [Formula One] Drivers Are Very Weak Mentally,” Juan Pablo Montoya Says

Former Formula One driver Juan Pablo Montoya may no longer be helming F1 cars these days, but that doesn't mean he's staying out of that world. In a recent interview, the Colombian wheelman came clean on his thoughts regarding the current state of the world's best-known racing series—and who he thinks are the people to beat.

For one thing, Montoya said that most European F1 drivers don't have the moxie to battle it out when the going gets tough. 

"European drivers are very weak mentally," he told Formula One's website. "You can get in their head really easily and I think that plays in what you see today and what you see always in Formula One."

"When things go their way they are really strong—when Lewis [Hamilton] is winning he is unstoppable, but if something goes wrong the spiral down is huge. If the cars were close together you would see different people winning."

Two exceptions: Germany's Sebastian Vettel and Spain's Fernando Alonso, both of whom Montoya cited as the best in the F1 gnat these days—especially in comparison to Lewis Hamilton.  

"Vettel is one of the most complete guys and I think Fernando [as well]," Montoya told FormulaOne.com. "I ran with Fernando all my career and I think those are the two overall best drivers."

"Lewis does a really good job but they are in the best car. It's very easy to think the guy in the best car is the best driver, but the question is if they were not in the best car, how would they handle things? I think Fernando and Sebastian have endured that and I think they are the best."