Retired F1 Champion Nico Rosberg Thinks Mercedes Should Eye Sebastian Vettel for 2018 Seat

The current Ferrari driver’s contract ends later this year.

byAaron Brown|
F1 photo

2016 Formula One world champion Nico Rosberg is eying previous trophy-taker Sebastian Vettel as a potential replacement for his former spot on the Mercedes F1 team.

As a retired driver following his 2016 world championship win, Rosberg thinks that Vettel, the driver who took four world championships with Red Bull between 2010 and 2013, could be a well-suited fit for the Mercedes seat in 2018, NBC Sports reports. Though Vettel saw success with Red Bull, after joining the Ferrari F1 team in 2015 the driver has won only three races. The incoming race year will be the last of his contract with his current team. 

Valtteri Bottas, the current Mercedes seat filler who came onboard from the Williams F1 team, is on a single-year contract for 2017. Mercedes will be free to switch him out as it pleases at the end of this year's season. 

“It would definitely make sense for Sebastian to have a look at that Mercedes seat for 2018 and for Mercedes to have a look at him and to consider him,” Rosberg said at the Laureus World Sports Awards in Monaco, according to NBC Sports. "For 2018, that’s obvious. He’s one of the best drivers out there and he doesn’t have a contract for 2018, so they should explore the possibility and who knows, let’s see what happens. It could be a good thing.”

In 2018, McLaren F1's Fernando Alonso will also be off his contract. Rosberg previously commented on that potential option but said Alonso wouldn't work because it could cause "fireworks" with Lewis Hamilton.

"Of course Alonso, they need to keep him in mind," said Rosberg, according to though he's not the youngest out there anymore, he's still driving at his best – at least it looks like it from what we've seen – so he should be considered as well and I'm sure they will."