Lewis Hamilton Is Not Impressed With IndyCar

The Mercedes Formula One star driver speaks out before the Indy 500.

Since Fernando Alonso has decided to ditch the Monaco Grand Prix for the Indianapolis 500, people have considered the advantages of the IndyCar Series over Formula 1. Several drivers are rumored to be considering a switch out of F1 in favor of the American series, raising the question of what many Grand Prix drivers think of their counterparts across the pond. Lewis Hamilton recently responded to those thoughts in an interview with French publication L’Equipe, showing his doubts about the current Indy Car field.

“I looked at the times and, frankly, for his first-ever qualifying for Fernando to be fifth—what does that say about Indy?” Hamilton said. 

This isn’t to take away Alonso’s credibility, but instead, to compare him—an unexperienced driver in the series—to those who have been competing in it for quite some time.

Sports Illustrated

Hamilton went on to say, “A great driver, if he cannot win in Formula 1, will look for other races to win.” Prior to cracking a smile, he continued, “But to see him fifth against drivers who are there all year is…interesting.”

That’s a pretty snarky remark, but in the same token, could Hamilton have a point? It’s all dependent on your views regarding Alonso’s capabilities in comparison to the rest of the Indy Car field. 

Regardless of opinion, the real test for Alonso will be actually competing in a full race against tested drivers who are both familiar with their cars and the track.

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