Fernando Alonso Actually Considering the Switch to IndyCar

The Spaniard star says he will make his decision by September.

byCaleb Jacobs| UPDATED Aug 1, 2017 11:12 AM
Fernando Alonso Actually Considering the Switch to IndyCar

Fernando Alonso's three-year stint with McLaren Honda has left him frustrated, to put it plainly. He's got only two points in 2017, and not a single podium since 2014 when he joined the team, putting the former world champion's ambitions on hold. His troubles have been well documented over this F1 season, but Alonso has had one good moment so far, the Indy 500. His participation in the race was a nice change of pace for the Spaniard, and according to a report from Autoweek, Alonso is thinking of hopping ship to IndyCar full time.

He professed that he had a great time racing for Andretti Motorsports at the Brickyard earlier this year, even going as far as saying he "didn't miss" the Monaco Grand Prix which he skipped out on for the Indy 500. Rumors have swirled that he may be thinking of dropping Formula One and heading to the American open wheel series, but now, he has just claimed that it really is an option.

Let's see in a month or so," Alonso said. "I've always said I'm very open to what may come in the future. I want to win next year and to win we need some good changes here (at McLaren). Many changes."

The fact that McLaren needs to switch things up has been no secret coming from 'Nando as he stated earlier in the year that his team has until October to shape a major reform.

"If those happen, it is possible I stay, but it's something I will consider in September."

His chances of moving to Mercedes or Ferrari are likely gone, meaning that a lateral switch from one series to the other could be his only way out of McLaren.

 This would be a big move for the 35-year-old, but he wouldn't be the first F1 driver to transfer over to IndyCar. Juan Pablo Montoya has done so successfully over the last few years, and if anyone could compete at the top-level of a sport he's hardly competed in, it's Alonso.