Fernando Alonso Will Keep His Indy 500 Race Car

The bright orange Indycar will head to Alonso's museum in Spain after the race.

Formula One racer and future IndyCar driver Fernando Alonso has his big race debut coming up at the Indy 500 later in May, and according to, the driver will be able to keep his bright-orange race car from that event as a memento. 

Alonso is racing a McLaren/Andretti Dallara-Honda car at Indy this year instead of taking part in the Monaco Grand Prix. If Alonso wishes, after the race, the race car will go to his own museum in Spain, according to’s report. 

“After the race, it is coming. It will be in the museum as well,” Alonso said, according to the report. “Every car I jump in from 2004 or something like that, it is always in my contract that it will be in my museum afterwards, so this one is no different.”

Following a pre-race testing session, Alonso said he’s still getting used to the new ride.  

“The car felt quite different,” said Alonso. “Running this asymmetric set-up definitely feels not normal to drive.”

Eh, we’re sure you’ll get used to it. And if not, once the cars in your fancy museum garage, you can stare at it endlessly reminiscing about the hard times.