Fernando Alonso on Potentially Leaving Formula One for IndyCar: ‘Why Not?’

“I mean, I’m very open to anything,” Alonso said.

byAaron Brown|
Racing photo

McLaren Formula One driver Fernando Alonso's patience appears to be dipping into negative levels with the absence of success he's experienced in the 2017 F1 season. It seems that Alonso uses almost any PR opportunity he's given to express his displeasure with his Honda-powered race car—and most recently, that meant once again hinting at a potential switch to a completely different race series. 

Before Sunday's race in Montreal, Alonso called into NBC Sports Network's broadcast of the Rainguard Water Sealers 600 in Fort Worth, Texas. On that call, the Spanish driver was asked if he would he would drop into IndyCar if he couldn't find a ride that worked for him in F1. To that, he replied, "Uh, why not," according to Motorsport.

“I mean, I'm very open to anything. I don't have a clear answer right now. I would be lying if I told you I know what would happen next year," Alonso said, according to Motorsport

It looks like Alonso still has a bit of thinking to do for his future plans. 

“I'm more ready to do F1, try to find the best car possible out there. I would look at different options," said Alonso, according to Motorsport.

In May, Alonso led 27 laps at the Indy 500. Throughout much of the race, he remained competitive, fiercely battling against the other, more-experienced IndyCar drivers—that is, until the Honda engine in his car blew on the 179th lap of the race.