Watch This Off-Road Lincoln Town Car Limousine Blast Around in the Dirt

We wish we were half as cool as the owners of this off-road monster.

byMax Goldberg|
Lincoln News photo


Who said your offr-oader had to be a four-by-four SUV with a ton of ground clearance? Well, a lot of people, but apparently the proud owners of this 1994 (or somewhere in that area) Lincoln Town Car Limousine didn't get the memo. These two brave sould turned a former limousine that spent time serving as a crack den into a loud, mean, and downright weird off-roader. 

The extend of the limo's modifications are a bumper delete, wheel and tire upgrade, an added light bar, and possibly a muffler delete. However, the made sure to keep the sweet blue track lighting surrounding the interior perimeter of the limousine. The video below shows solid power slides, minor jumps and a blast of engine sound. It also makes it very clear to the viewers that "The Sketch Limo" has some impressive suspension travel, which doesn't really matter since it makes the video even more hilarious.

The limo will be participating in Oregon's Gambler 500, which is scheduled to take place on July 15th. We look forward to seeing this monster compete.

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