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Porsche’s Rolling Museum Is Coming to Sunny California

You don't have to be at Porsche headquarters in Zuffenhausen to see the brand's finest historic rides.

They may demand exorbitant prices, only to be walled off in glass or delicately swapped from millionaire to millionaire at auction, but collector cars are still cars. So, each year, Porsche creates what it calls the Rolling Museum, attending historic races and rallies all around the world, bringing its museum collection to life. The cars travel, burning oil and gas, for fans like us to see, up close and in person, moving, not static on a velvet carpet.

Fittingly, this year’s Porsche Rolling Museum kicks off in California, a state synonymous with convertibles. There, from April 24-28, the iconic 356 Speedster 1500 and 365 A coupé will run in the 1,000-mile California Mille rally.

The first week of May, it’s off to Sicily and the Targa Florio. There, six decades after the marque’s first win in that legendary race, Porsche will enter a 1958 356 Speedster 1600 S, and, yes, a genuine 911 Carrera 2.7 RS. Not to miss a beat, the Museum then heads to Monaco for the Historic Grand Prix, where it’ll run both a 1960 Formula 2 car, and an F1 car from 1962. The latter, known as the Type 804, weighs just under 1,000 pounds, so its boxer eight-cylinder’s 180 horsepower was more than good for a top speed of 168 mph.


The Rolling Museum will participate in many more events throughout the summer. Given the nouveau riche in China, it’s hardly surprising it’ll all culminate with an East Asian double-header: Top City Classic Rally in Beijing, from September 17-20, then an event in in Shanghai September 24-27.

And fear not, Porschephiles: The Museum doesn’t just send the cars, but an entire team of specialty mechanics to keep them running. Because, as we’ve said, fans want to see these cars blazing along at ten-tenths. We’re not always about marketing campaigns, but this is one we can get behind.