Welcome To Porsche’s Sound Nacht 2016

Porsche builds some great sounding cars. Here’s where they all come together.

byBradley Brownell|
Welcome To Porsche’s Sound Nacht 2016

For the last six years, Porsche has brought out a selection of great historically significant racing and road cars from the museum to run during their 'Sound Nacht' event. This year, they've selected some fine vintages for you to sample aurally. The cars are wheeled out onto a stage in the middle of a crowd, they are hooked up to exhaust vents, and they're fired up with cameras and audio recording equipment handy. Our friends at FLATSIXES.com have loaded all of the video samples to their YouTube account to give you an idea of what Sound Nacht is like to attend. This is a very cool event, and has certainly made my bucket list of events to attend some day. Thanks to Porsche for hosting Sound Nacht, and thanks to FLATSIXES for sharing that footage with us. 

We've linked each video below for your viewing pleasure. The 924 GTP and the Porsche 804 are my personal favorites, but it's hard to beat the Fuhrmann Four Cam 'bvrumm' from the 718 RS60. Let us know which are your favorites. 

So what do you say? Which Porsche sounds the best? Which is your favorite? Which would you most like to take for a lap of your favorite race track?