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Cruising Miami in a Custom Pagani Huayra

When you're offered a ride in a $1.6 million hypercar, you take it.

Since acquiring this spectacular one-of-one Huayra, Brett David has only put 70 miles on the odometer. “I know, I know. I should drive it more,” David laughs. “That’s why I agreed to take you out today.” We’re standing inside Prestige Imports and Lamborghini Miami, the dealership owned by David where the Italian hypercar resides. In front of us, David’s employees carefully remove the protective plastic from the leather floor mats for the first time. Eying my scuzzy Converse sneakers, I wonder if I should hold them aloft for the duration of our ride or shower the steampunk masterpiece with a little inaugural dirt.

Brett David took the reigns of this supercar dealership after the sudden passing of his father, who started the business decades ago. In the past seven years, he’s sold $1 billion worth of cars, earning him title of the nation’s largest dealer of new and used Lambos. All that, at 28. David is also one of the few authorized Pagani retailers in North America, putting him on a first-name basis with the man himself, Horacio Pagani. Clients who fork over seven figures are invited to Italy to tour the factory, oversee the custom specifications of their order and dine with Pagani. “Sitting with Horacio, listening to him describe how he designs each model is incredible,” David says. “He’ll sketch the car’s design on napkins while he explains the form and function. He’ll show you how an egg’s shell was the inspiration of the monocoque’s shape.”

Horacio worked closely with the team in charge of David’s Huayra, dubbed Project Vulcan, but that’s not the reason the car is so special. “It’s dedicated to my father, Irv,” David explains, pointing to the memorial plaque between the seats. “Even the red paint is a direct match to a sample from my father’s red Mercedes SL that we grew up in.” The finished product is stunning from any angle—particularly the passenger seat as the Mercedes-AMG bi-turbo V12 roars in orchestral accompaniment.

I’ve been in plenty of fast supercars. All pale in comparison to feeling this car’s 811 lb-ft of twist and 720 horsepower crush you into a seat. My face contorts in shock. David issues a sly grin. “She’s got pull for days,” he quips, matting the gas, inducing a large whoosh from the twin turbos and, without a moment’s lag, stealing my breath. “The turbos are smaller to reduce the spool time,” he says as the Huayra gobbles up the road and I fumble for a handhold on the gullwing door.

My experience in the Huayra alternated between g-force-induced speechlessness and sporadic questions, all beside the Pagani’s bejeweled interior. Enjoy a slice of our day on the fly.