It Looks Like the New BMW 2 Series Was Leaked in These Instagram Spy Shots

Thankfully, it’s missing the massive kidney grille.

byChris Teague|
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Spy shots are an internet sleuth's best friend. Oftentimes, they give a close look at yet-to-be-released car models hiding in manufacturing facilities or, sometimes, broad daylight. Recently, though, clear photos of camouflaged cars seem to have been replaced by blurry, partially obscured images that give us just enough to start making guesses. The latest of these haphazard photos are supposedly of the new BMW 2 Series, highlighting another new model in the automaker's coming wave of updated cars.

We’re able to see a good portion of the Bimmer's front fascia, which was leaked via Instagram user @wilcoblok. Most noticeably, the 2 Series appears to have dodged the absurdly large kidney grille that some other new BMWs are expected to take on. The lower part of the fascia has vents on both sides which appear to be more triangular than the five-sided shapes that were in place before and, alas, the center vent and lower valance have been reshaped. The headlights, meanwhile, appear to be larger and are split by an LED strip between the upper and lower halves.

Things around back have changed more noticeably. The alleged new 2 Series has boxier lines and fewer curves, and elongated tailpipe finishers instead of the exposed tips on the current car. There's even more venting and the taillights have ballooned, taking on the big-car-small trend that's so popular in the industry today. The unique taillight design is more oval than that of the contemporary 2 Series as well.

It’s worth noting that this car could be a new M variant of some sort, though it's difficult to be certain. The lighting, or lack thereof, in the picture seems to mask an M badge on the lower grille. This theory is further bolstered by the car’s aggressive bodywork, larger exhaust finishers, and the apparent M logo next to the model name on the rear deck lid.

Regardless of this exact car's specification, we're hoping for a more focused model that's less worried about doing it all and more centered on playing to its strengths. The Drive's Robb Holland called it the "Ultimate Identity Crisis" in his 2019 review of the M235i xDrive Gran Coupe, largely due to its uncharacteristic front-wheel-drive layout and sporty nods despite it ultimately being a commuter special.

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