Leaked Photo of BMW With Massive Kidney Grille Could Be Next-Gen 4 Series

Despite the backlash BMW received for the Concept 4's snout, it looks like the big grille might be headed for production.

Shortly after leaks surfaced of what is very likely the next BMW M3’s rear end, more unauthorized shots taken from a BMW factory floor have appeared. Brought to our attention via Reddit after first appearing on BimmerPost, the front end of a gray Bimmer that we’re predicting to be the next 4 Series can be seen making its way down the assembly line, ridiculously large grille intact.

Yep, it looks like BMW actually went and put the Concept 4’s divisively-styled kidney grille into production. From afar, they kinda look like two coffins placed next to each other, no?

While the original Reddit post, as well as other publications, have pegged this as possibly being the front end of the 2020 M3 sedan, we’re gonna go ahead and put our money on this being the next 4er instead given its similarity to the Concept 4. Keep in mind that it’s all speculation at this point, though. For all we know, this could be our first look at a very early, spite-fueled refresh of the 8 Series Coupe or something. It’s doubtful, but anything’s possible.

BMW Concept 4, BMW AG

Defending the Concept 4’s controversial design earlier this month, BMW design chief Adrian van Hooydonk said, “It is a sporty coupé, and by definition, it has to have a very expressive design, and you see that all around the car, not just the front. But there are not that many lines or elements—it’s not a complex design.”

Regardless of what you think of the grille-heavy design, this car will definitely help BMW set itself apart both on the road and in the marketplace. 

“As a company, you have to keep moving,” van Hooydonk previously noted. “The minute you start standing still, you become an easy target.” I mean, you can’t sustain a company building conservatively styled luxury cars forever. Right?