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The Massive-Grilled 2021 BMW M3 And M4 Leak Before Tonight’s Debut

Is that a face that ///M fans can learn to love?

A twin-turbo 3.0-liter straight-six producing an anticipated 480 horsepower in entry-level tune. Wider flared wheel arches for that aggressive look they tend to call “dynamic.” An exposed carbon roof for a sleeker two-tone effect and weight savings. And it’s topped off by BMW’s new kidney design, a choice that makes even less sense the moment you put a front plate on these new BMWs. Meet the new 2021 BMW M3 sedan and M4 coupe, a bit early. They seem great, but can the faithful get past that controversial face?

Thanks to an early leak on Reddit, Bimmerpost and other outlets, some official images of the new-generation of BMW’s reigning champion sport sedan and coupe are here ahead of their official debut tonight. We’ll get more pics and official specs then. 

Enjoy the view, and don’t hold back your thoughts below in our comments. Maybe BMW’s wild greens, yellows, and sexy carbon bucket seats save the day. Or maybe some would-be buyers will hold out for a satisfactory facelift.


On the plus side, the base M3 sedans and M4 coupés will remain rear-drive with manual transmissions with AWD and the eight-speed automatic kept on the options list. Those should be standard equipment for the higher-spec performance evolutions like the 510-horsepower Competition cars. 

While weighing up to 447 pounds more than the previous generation, they’re also expected to be stiffer than the previous generations, so 2021’s new mid-size M cars should at least drive in a manner that can make us forget about BMW’s late design choices. When the latest front-engine Ferrari with a twin-turbo V8 needs this little of an air intake, you know something is off in Bavaria.

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