A Dealer Marked This BMW M4 GTS Up by $100,000

It now costs about 75 percent more than MSRP.

byCaleb Jacobs|
BMW News photo

BMW has retooled the M4 to suit a list of applications ranging from the sport-themed original to the middle-ground CS variant, all allocated at unique price points. The most dedicated and secular M4, the GTS, tops the range in terms of both performance and cost. When fitted with added options and unique components like carbon fiber wheels, a GTS can easily be priced at $150,000. However, none are more expensive than the one listed for sale by this dealer with a staggering 75 percent markup, tallying the price up to $252K. 

Imgur user shadster911 posted a picture of the window sticker, and surely enough, the break down of price shows a market adjustment of $100,000. That's more than enough to buy another M4 to stick in the garage, all while having some scratch left over.

The base price of the car is quoted at $134,200, which is still a pretty substantial figure. It's been fitted with the aforementioned carbon fiber wheels that bring the price up by $18,000 on their own. Collectively, the monroney shows more than a quarter-million dollars—that's Lamborghini Huracan money. Don't forget about fees either, as those will probably set you back a few more thousand.


Given the rarity of the M4 GTS, dealer mark up is to be expected. But something like this seems knocks the original figure out of the park. Who knows, maybe some mega-rich buyer will find all the boy-racer upgrades to be worth an extra hundred grand. Until then, this example will probably be collecting dust in the showroom.