For Sale: A Ferrari LaFerrari Prototype You Aren’t Allowed To Drive

Projected to rake in over a million Euros, this rare stallion is a strictly stationary affair.

byChris Tsui|
Ferrari News photo

Deep-pocketed enthusiasts of hybrid Italian hypercars, listen up. An exceptionally rare example of the Ferrari LaFerrari just hit the auction block.

What makes this particular LaFerrari unique? According to auctioneers RM Sotheby's, this pre-production hyper-rari was the star of the LaFerrari's private unveil reserved for Maranello VIPs held ahead of its official introduction in Geneva back in March 2013. It was also used as a reference vehicle during the secret configuration sessions at the company's atelier offered to every one of the LaFerrari's original owners. Outfitted in a red-on-black-on-red color scheme, the prototype served as a template for the each of the hypercar's 499 then-new owners to presumably mull over paint jobs, cowhides, and various degrees of carbon trim. 

RM Sotheby's

Pretty cool buy, if you ask us. However, there's a catch—and a pretty big one, at that. Whoever picks up this rolling piece of art can pretty much only use it as a piece of art. That's right, this LaFerrari's future owner isn't actually allowed to drive it anywhere.

From the listing, "Please note that this is a prototype vehicle not homologated for road use and therefore cannot be road registered. Ferrari recommends that this car remains stationary and inactive, for static display only. The winning bidder will be required to sign a form with Ferrari acknowledging this." Bummer. 

Despite this, RM Sotheby's is projecting a closing price of €1.1 million to €1.3 million (or $1.32 million to $1.56 million at today's exchange rates). Don't expect to see this at a Cars and Coffee near you anytime soon.