This 2015 Ferrari LaFerrari is for Sale for $3.8 Million

Hypercars yield hyper-appreciation.

byChris Constantine|
For Sale photo

If you're in Greenwich, Connecticut anytime soon, know that there's currently a 2015 Ferrari LaFerrari for sale at Miller Motorworks with just 328 miles on the clock. This pre-owned hypercar is finished in Rosso Corsa exterior paint with a Rosso interior cloaked in leather. Options include Ferrari telemetry, larger seats, premium audio, and red brake calipers, and a suspension lift to clear your driveway. There's only one caveat: it costs $3,795,000.

When it debuted, the LaFerrari sold for about $1.8 million a pop, but in just two years the price has nearly tripled. It isn't the most expensive one ever sold, but almost four Los Angeles homes-worth of dough is a lot, even for a car as performance-oriented as this one. 

So, is this car worth the hefty price tag? We say yes because it's far easier to buy a pre-owned "TheFerrari" than a new one. When the hypercar debuted, you couldn't merely walk into a Ferrari showroom with a few million dollars in hand; there was a cruel and controversial method Ferrari used to judge if a buyer was fit to purchase one of its 499 hypercars. 

Most of us don't have $3.8 million, but fewer have previously owned five Ferraris, and fewer still are chummy enough with the dealerships to be recommended to Ferrari for ownership. Think of the extra $2 million as an "exemption tax," where you pay to be excluded from this arduous process.

Either way, expect the costs of one of these 950 horsepower beasts to continue to climb, especially with the LaFerrari's successor just a few years away.

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