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Kylie Jenner Just Got a Ferrari LaFerrari From Travis Scott

The makeup mogul received one of these rare luxury models as a push present from her boyfriend.

Kylie Jenner’s boyfriend, Travis Scott gifted her a $1.4 million Ferrari La Ferrari after she delivered his child. Jenner and Scott welcomed baby girl, “Stormi” on Feb. 1. Jenner explicitly said she didn’t get paid to “announce” her pregnancy, which was kept a secret until her delivery. But the celeb certainly reaped financial benefits in her push present.

The black hybrid features gullwing doors, a digital dashboard, V12 engine at 9000 rpm and 663 pound-feet of torque. The LaFerrari is fast, but gas guzzling. But we doubt Jenner cares about the fuel efficiency. She posted videos of the car on her Snapchat, which were documented below by an Instagram fan account.

Only 500 Ferrari LaFerraris have been made since the model debuted at Geneva in 2013, and Ferrari is notoriously selective about who can buy them. Celebrities are usually the only people who fit the bill—approved buyers include Shark Tank’s Robert Herjavec, Justin Beiber, Jamiroquai singer Jay Kay and now, Travis Scott.

This is Kylie Jenner’s third Ferrari. She owns a Ferrari 458, which she customized with red spokes and a grey wrap, and a black 488 Spider. Kylie and her sister Kendall got matching Spider models, and previously demonstrated their love for the brand by sporting Ferrari t-shirts and drinking out of Ferrari mugs.

Jenner must have quite the large garage because she also has a white Rolls-Royce Ghost, a black Mercedes Maybach 600, and a black Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen. When you add the LaFerrari to the mix, Jenner’s car collection is worth about $2.5 million, which is nothing, considering the makeup mogul is worth about $50 million.

Jenner loves to show off her wealth to the public, and her car collection is no exception. There’s even a section on her website called Whips! Whips! Whips!, where she gives fans a tour of each of her cars—but you’ll have to subscribe to see.