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This Ferrari LaFerrari-Vs-KTM SuperDuke Tug-of-War Is One Minute of Greatness

Short, sweet, and full of burning rubber.

Pitting a Ferrari LaFerrari against a KTM SuperDuke motorcycle in a tug-of-war sounds like an exercise better left to the imagination. Not just because the winner would seem rather apparent—170 horsepower and one meaty rear tire doesn’t seem like much of a match for a 903-hp Ferrari with two drive wheels clad in 345-series rubber—but because it’s hard to believe anyone who owned such remarkable machines would go to the trouble of arranging such a childish battle outside of a B-list screenplay.

Luckily, truth is stranger than fiction.

As a result, we can now watch a Ferrari LaFerrari (equipped with a towing hitch, no less) and a KTM SuperDuke fighting tooth and nail against each other to yank the other into a pool in the courtyard of a posh manor. You know who’s going to win the moment the contest begins—it’s like Muhammed Ali fighting Kevin Hart—but the fun is in watching the battle, not waiting for victory.

If this seems like sort of rural supercar-punishing antics the gang at Tax The Rich would whip up, well, you just might be right. The video is the sole upload of a YouTube user named “Salvare i Ricchi,” which Google tells us translates to “Save the Rich.” Another rich supercar owner’s rebuttal to the Tax The Rich crew? Their own attempt to try and recreate their success under a different name, like an online version of Richard Bachman? Either way, it’s pretty damn entertaining.