This Video of a Crashed Ferrari LaFerrari Will Make You Cringe

The $1.4 million hypercar somehow landed on top of a boulder.

byAaron Brown|
Ferrari News photo

A Ferrari LaFerrari appears to have met its maker while taking part in the 2016 Ferrari Cavalcade in the Dolomites of Italy last week. A video uploaded to YouTube shows a severely damaged red LaFerrari lodged on top of a large rock, its airbags deployed and hanging loose.

It's hard to tell from the video, since the camera-wielder only arrived after the accident, but it appears the LaFerrari went off the road, sideswiped a parked car, and took out a business sign before coming to rest. The front-left of the car looks to have suffered the most damage, with the underbelly panel completely ripped apart, the front bumper and fender destroyed, and the front-left headlight dangling there like an old, overripe banana that will never be picked. Putting it simply, the car is a complete mess. Thankfully, no one appears to have been seriously injured.

According to some knowledgable members on the Ferrarichat forum, the crashed LaFerrari's unique visual markings mean it may belong to the same long-time Ferrari collector that commissioned the Italian automaker to build the custom F12-based F12 TRS model in 2014. If true, said driver has plenty of experience keeping Ferraris in check; he's reportedly also driven many of Ferrari's track cars in his decades of Prancing Horse ownership. Still, when dealing with a 950-hp supercar, it doesn't take much of a mistake to send it out of control.