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Feast Your Eyes on the 2021 BMW M4’s Massive Nostrils

For better or worse, here's our clearest look yet at BMW's upcoming high-performance coupe.

If you were put off by the new BMW 4 Series’ massive front grille, the upcoming M version doesn’t look like it’ll do your eyes any favors. 

Uploaded to the r/BMW subreddit is allegedly a shot of Bavaria’s new-generation M4 almost completely uncovered and undisguised. Par for the M car course, the high-performance 4 Series appears to get a more aggressive front bumper, fatter fenders, and different wheels. Its controversial kidney grille here has been blacked out, losing the gunmetal pattern seen on the M440i and making the thing look even more, er, imposing. 

Further accentuating the grille’s presence is the new hood which has two mirrored kidneys stamped into it. Something tells us that if BMW designers could extend those nostrils all the way up to the bottom of the windshield, they would. 


The new 4er’s front end has been divisive, to say the least. Among the mock pig noises and expressions of disbelief, some r/BMW commenters are even hoping for and predicting an ahead-of-schedule facelift that’ll make this thing a little less garish. “I really hope they rush the LCI with a dramatically different front end,” writes one redditor while another comments, “Something tells me the G22 and G82 would be facelifted REALLY quickly.”

Regardless if this thing will receive an emergency refresh or not, the upcoming BMW M3 and M4 are confirmed to get the same twin-turbo S58 3.0-liter straight-six from the X3 and X4 M making over 500 horsepower. According to BMW Blog citing an Instagram story from M boss Markus Flasch, both cars will be officially unveiled this September.

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