BMW’s Supra-Based Roadster Won’t Be Called the Z5

“That’s something that someone else has made up,” said former BMW USA head Ludwig Willisch.

byChris Tsui|
BMW’s Supra-Based Roadster Won’t Be Called the Z5

In case you weren't already aware, Toyota and BMW have been working together on a sports car platform that Toyota will sell as a resurrected Supra and BMW will use for a soft-top roadster that we in the automotive press have been referring to as the Z5. Turns out, that name wasn't very accurate. 

In an interview with AutoGuide, former BMW North America boss and current head of BMW Group Region Americas, Ludwig Willisch, set the record straight regarding what the upcoming convertible won't be called. "There’s no such thing. There will be a sports car, yes, but it’s not going to be a Z5. That’s something that someone else has made up." 


When probed over what the car will be called, Willisch replied, "It will be called Z… probably 4." Sticking with the tried and tested, then. 

Responding to AutoGuide's inquiries over the "Z... 4, maybe 3, definitely not 5's" engine choices, Willisch said "I would call it a Z4 [and] that’s no indication of the number of cylinders." I think Ludwig just confirmed at least 6-cylinder power in the upcoming ToyoBimmer twins unless they're planning on throwing some kind of weirdo 3-cylinder hybrid under the hood. Wait a minute.

So, the kidney-grilled Supra will be named the Z4... probably. Just stop calling it a Z5.