This Replacement Bumper for Older BMW 3 and 4 Series Cars Makes It Just as Hideous as the New One

Some people just crave what’s new—even if it’s terrifying.

byStef Schrader| UPDATED Nov 24, 2020 8:06 PM
This Replacement Bumper for Older BMW 3 and 4 Series Cars Makes It Just as Hideous as the New One

When the new BMW 3 and 4 Series came out, we knew we could count on the aftermarket to make a replacement front bumper that didn't make the car look like a Rodent of Unusual Size. What if you crave the exact opposite? What if you have one of the last reasonable-looking BMWs, but want it to look more like the new one? 

Say no more, thanks to the Romanian customizers at KITT Tuning. These fellows from the country known for things that go bump in the night are really, really doubling down on the scary big teeth thing, as KITT created a bumper for the 2012-2019 F30-generation BMW 3 and 4 series that looks like the brand new version's front end. 

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According to the description, this replacement bumper was modeled after the current G22-generation M4 Competition grille, which features new BMW design lead Adrian van Hooydonk's trademark big kidneys. 

That's very clearly a different bumper, as the headlight shape is different and the center beam through the giant grille buckteeth isn't quite that wide. The kidneys also don't bulge up at the top like the new M4 Competition's do.

Here's how the M4 Competition bumper looks, for reference: 


However, if you paint the kidneys all-black like the new 4 series', you might be able to pass off your older Bimmer as a new model to non-BMW nerds. If stuntin' is the name of the game, I don't know, maybe it's time reevaluate your priorities away from that eyesore of a grille. The F30 actually looks nice!

Should you wish to frighten small children, KITT Tuning says that this new grille is coming "soon." You can find the grille on Instagram here, or at their website here

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