Stef Schrader

Stef Schrader


Stef Schrader is a former senior staff writer for The Drive. She started writing about cars in 2013 after meeting Jalopnik's editor-in-chief at a race track, where Stef can be found at every available opportunity. Her main interests include weird cars, Nürburgring records, incredible vehicular feats and whatever you're working on in your garage.


  • Interests include wrenching, amateur racing, the lesser-known parts of car culture, and particularly rare or strange vehicles. (Bonus points if they’re aircooled.)
  • Meticulous writer and editor who actually enjoys browsing court records.
  • Member, Porsche Club of America
  • Winner, 24 Hours of Lemons Index of Effluency
  • Previous bylines include Jalopnik, Popular Mechanics, Autoweek, Panorama, Slate, AutoGuide, DriveTribe, Autoblog, The Truth About Cars, Winding Road, The Inventory and the Baylor Information Network.


Schrader’s in-depth investigations, notable scoops and other work have been cited by publications across the globe. She established and led the Black Flag motorsports sub-site at Jalopnik, transforming it into a destination for in-depth coverage of motorsports’ biggest championships, grassroots racing events and all things fast. Stef also hosted Jalopnik’s “Build of the Week” video series, featuring interesting home-built project cars that ranged from resourceful budget builds to four-seat DeLoreans and LS swaps. She worked full-time at The Drive in 2021 and 2022, leading its social media efforts and occasionally going on tangents about fast Porsches.


Schrader has a Bachelor of Arts from Baylor University with a double major in Film and Digital Media and Political Science.

Fun Fact

Stef collects Fisher-Price Puffalumps that occasionally ride in her car at track days. She owns two race cars, a Porsche 944 and a Volkswagen 411, which she frequently works on in her spare time.